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I Have No Idea by someguysname I Have No Idea :iconsomeguysname:someguysname 2 0 Chaotic Eye 3D by someguysname Chaotic Eye 3D :iconsomeguysname:someguysname 2 10 Easter Egg??? by someguysname Easter Egg??? :iconsomeguysname:someguysname 0 0
Lithius the Elemental King Chapter 5
With preparations for a massive assault on Lithius’ castle underway, I found myself in a strategy room with Testament, Static, Romst, Crobobolus, Suloboborc and Armor. We all stood before a large table with a tactical map I had drawn of Lithius’ castle with several interior plans due to it being unchanged. The darkness elemental that hid in my shadow confirmed to me as much. With preparations so underway, it would not be long before we tightened the noose and finished Lithius off.
“My division will be here?” Testament asked, pointing to the north eastern section of the map, indicating the plane just north east of the castle fortifications. “Yes, you and five thousand light elementals will bend the light around you so you seem completely invisible and are ready to receive the signal,” I quickly explained. “On that signal, your forces will become visible and flank any enemies engaging Crobobolus and Suloboborc’s forces, who will be striking
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Futuristic Assassin's Creed Logo by someguysname Futuristic Assassin's Creed Logo :iconsomeguysname:someguysname 4 0 Minecraft Magic Academy by someguysname Minecraft Magic Academy :iconsomeguysname:someguysname 5 62 Chaotic Eye Bleach by someguysname Chaotic Eye Bleach :iconsomeguysname:someguysname 0 2
Broken Heart
Beaten and battered against the grain of the world.
Rejected by love and tormented by hate.
Overly conscious of the fall of my world.
Killed by the thoughts of my mind.
Ever breaking under the stress.
Neither living or surviving the hole in my life.
Hallowed by devastation.
Eaten away by guilt.
Always filled with doubt.
Ready to watch the fall of everything.
The world I see bleeds in black.
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Recon Drone by someguysname Recon Drone :iconsomeguysname:someguysname 2 0
Lithius the Elemental King - Chapter 4 Part 2
After the defensive meeting was finished, it was Crobobolus who found me first. He walked up and sighed heavily. "What's wrong Crobobolus?" I asked rather worried. "It's the men that I lead, they do not respect me as a leader," He admitted rather frustrated. "Do you know why?" He nodded rather quickly to my question. "They hear your words and it's like I'm an idiot in comparison. I've heard murmurs from my men that they'd rather have you lead them all instead of just the defensive forces." I sighed heavily at his words. "They've voiced as much to me as well. They say it is because my strategies have more detail in how they are to be achieved and are adaptable to new situations rather than simple and repetitive." He looked at me rather offended. "What do you mean by "simple and repetitive" Lithormus?" I sighed heavily at my poor choice of words. "I'm only repeating what one of your metal elementals told me. I have yet to see your military strategies for myself. So I will not create any
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Lithius the Elemental King - Chapter 4 Part 1
Chapter 4
I stood upon the outer wall, looking in the direction of Lithius' force, not having anything better to do with my time. The tower of smoke from their camp could be seen but no one paid it any mind but me. It had sat there for months and had not moved an inch. Then a grave nightmare of a thought bloomed in my mind. 'What if they were not even approaching from above ground?' I thought darkly. I sent out a low level charge of electricity to detect any living thing and my darkest fears came true. There were earth elementals tunneling towards the city so they could invade from below.
I leapt off of the wall and used a plume of fire to slow me down enough for my landing to be not as harmful. I quickly ran to the barracks the nature elementals used, which could be considered four large trees with branches that intersected and acted like a canopy with wooden walls that looked to be made from red wood. The main trees were also red wood and looked like the walls jutted from their massi
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The Writer's Life
Staring into the dawn of today;
Drawing the courage to start again;
Wisking to places here and far;
Yet never leaving the peace of home;
Working to your heart's content;
Fabricating the next love in your heart;
With pen and paper, new worlds unfold;
To spin new tales for joyous laughter;
Never failing to see the truth;
That the dawn of each morning we seek;
Is simply the start of the very same dawn.
:iconsomeguysname:someguysname 3 2
Alpha T. Blaze
The young ones in this pack seem to believe that things have always been peaceful around here, but that wasn't always so. More blood has been spilt over this land than I dare count. Countless times have the other packs tried to claim this land from us. For generations, the dragon clans have made attempts to remove us from this choice land. Even the humans have fought against us for it. But time and time again we've managed to hold our ground and time and time again we've managed to make sure that the young children of our pack don't have to learn of such bloody fights until they, themselves are adults.
But the war I actually participated in was hellish and rough. The humans and dragon clans united for the first time in history, just to drive us from our lands. It was the war I gained my status as Alpha in and one where I made a great many friends, though one was entirely unexpected. But I get ahead of myself.
The declaration of war by the humans and dragons came one early morning, the
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Dungeon Room - Updated by someguysname Dungeon Room - Updated :iconsomeguysname:someguysname 2 14
Lithius The Elemental King - Chapter 3
Chapter 3
As the day had worn on, several people came by to look and touch the M777 guns, their new protection in a sense. The guns were not loaded when people came to look and touch but they were loaded when the hustle and bustle of the onlookers died out. There were many curious elementals, including, surprisingly, Phoenix Blaze. She looked at one of them curiously, more so than she had every looked at anything other than Crobobolus. But she never touched one of the guns. Her hand always got close but never all the way there.
One day, I surprised her by asking, "Afraid?" She jumped and looked at me surprised. "No, I'm not afraid," She offered up in her defense. "Intimidated?" She shook her head. "Then why not touch, it's not loaded." I noticed her frame suddenly relax and she sighed without meaning to, she was opening up to me, slowly but she was, whether she knew it or not. "So you are afraid." She blushed heavily as she realized she sighed in relief. "Fine, yes. I am afraid. Anythi
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Lithius The Elemental King - Chapter 2
Chapter 2
I awoke and quickly sat up to realize I was inside a strange room. It was made from white polished stone or marble. Sunlight was shining brilliantly through a nearby window, bathing me with warm light. I looked around confused but was surprised to see a fire Elemental asleep, sitting in a chair next to the bed with her head resting on my lap. Without realizing, I gently placed my hand on her head and she nuzzled my hand affectionately. Her eyes suddenly shot open and she looked up at me surprised. "Good morning," I said to her happily and smiled softly. She jumped up rather quickly and dashed out of the room. I was confused by this action and looked out the window upon the castle that I used to call my home.
I was surprised when I heard the door open and slam against the wall. I looked to see Crobobolus standing at the door. He looked at me in complete surprise. "I did not think you'd wake!" He said rather shocked. I raised an eyebrow at him confused. "I may have been exhaust
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I Have No Idea
For the first five minutes, I couldn't think of a thing to do with this. After a while I just started throwing colors onto it until I came up with this. I guess this is just a small sample of my thought process? I dunno, maybe someone else will make heads or tails of this madness my brain threw up.
I apologize to all that actually read what I write as I'm taking way too long writing the fifth chapter to Lithius the Elemental King. The reason being is I've been fighting writer's block and I'll have to upload the chapter in parts. I'm pretty sure no one wants to read twenty plus pages in one sitting, unless you've got nothing better to do with your time like I seem to these days. My progress will be slowed further by my capstone project for ITT Tech. I'm designing something rather ambitious but I won't reveal what it is until I upload the finished product. I just hope it lives up to your expectations. XwX
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Richard McEvoy
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I currently have an Associates Degree of Applied Sciences in Computer Drafting and Design from ITT Tech. I am currently building my skills in the use of 3D Studio Max, Inventor, AutoCAD, Source Film Maker and GIMP. I am also an aspiring writer and currently working on a couple novels.

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